アナンド マフルカル

Findability Sciences Inc. 創設者・CEOアナンド マフルカル(Anand Mahurkar)

"Global companies are overwhelmed with data and its volume. Sensors track hundreds of functions on jet engines, automobiles, and home appliances. Retailers maintain recordings of customer conversations that can be converted to text. Healthcare providers record patient vital signs. And banks collect credit information and transaction history. These are just a handful of the countless ways that data flows with constant velocity.  Today there is an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to extract value from their data and Findability Sciences is at the center of this transformation. We apply artificial intelligence to make data more useful. Business leaders use our technology to make better decisions. They’re making engines safer, allowing banks to lend with less risk, helping patients live healthier lives, and making it easy for consumers to get answers to their questions whenever and wherever they want.

And as the data continues to grow, so will the ability to improve lives.
Our customers rely on us to provide them with actionable information that they can access quickly and make use of right away. Findability Sciences differentiates itself in its ability to provide extreme accuracy along with immediacy and utility. This is the result of focusing on a Natural Language Processing and Predictions. 

Our goal is to make it easy for our global businesses to create efficiencies in the way they deliver goods and services. We view ourselves as an important conduit that connects data to enable the delivery of enhanced business outcomes. As the variety of data continues to grow, we’re excited to be positioned to help businesses ultimately improve the quality of life for many."




代表取締役社長 兼 CEO中林真人 (Masato Nakabayashi)


Findability Sciencesはこのデータにフォーカスし、あらゆる企業をサポートするAI Solution Companyです。我々の使命は、データに基づく高精度な指標を元にマーケティングやコスト・品質・リスク・人員管理など、様々な場面でお客様の事業意思決定に貢献する事です。

刻々と変化をし続けるテクノロジー社会の中で、Findability Sciencesの果たすべき役割・責任は企業の将来をも左右する大きなものとなる事でしょう。
Findability Sciencesは、合弁元であるソフトバンクグループが経営理念として掲げる「情報革命で人々を幸せに」を実現すべく日々挑戦してまいります。